Colorful and flashy, graphic tees are one way that we can share what we care about with the world. While they’re not haute couture, graphic tees are a fashion staple now. After all, who doesn’t have a favorite, comfortable t shirt? If you don’t, I have picked out a few great Disney t  shirts; you are probably going to like at least one of them.

Whether you want a cool, classic souvenir of your time at Walt Disney World or to celebrate your favorite character, there is a Disney t shirt for everyone. Here are some recent favorites.

10 Awesome Disney T Shirts

10. Star-Lord Tee for Men by Mighty Fine

Star-Lord Tee for Men by Mighty Fine

This Star-Lord Tee by Mighty Fine has cool, retro style that definitely evokes Quill’s love for 70’s music. Mighty Fine is a design company that creates merchandise designs reminiscent of fan art found in communities like Tumblr. In this case, the fan art-inspired design strategy definitely worked.

This shirt would be perfect for jamming out to Blue Swede, looting ancient space-ruins,  and literally saving the galaxy. However, this t shirt doesn’t come with a spaceship or a retro cassette deck, unfortunately.

This shirt is available in men’s’ sizes from

9. Tinker Bell Tee for Women

Tinker Bell Tee for Women

Tinker Bell is definitely a girl’s girl. She has such a spunky attitude and great fashion sense. So it makes sense that she’d be such a popular character and be on so much merchandise. This mint green Tinker Bell T-shirt is sassy and cute with its black and gold screen print of everybody’s favorite pixie. It also comes in women’s plus sizes, so every woman can proclaim her admiration for Disney’s original starlet.

8. Belle Text Art Tee for Girls


Belle Text Art shirt for Girls

Everybody knows that Belle is a bit of a bookworm. So, this adorable Belle tee has the embellishments on her dress replaced with a word collage. It looks like a piece of pop art while still evoking the stained glass art of the movie’s intro. Of course, this t shirt is perfect for all the little princesses, bookworms, and girls who are both out there.

This shirt is available in girls’ sizes at

7. Star Wars Text Tee for Men

Star Wars Text Tee for Men

Like a lot of Star Wars movie lovers, I was a little disappointed when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story skipped the iconic Star Wars opening crawl. The opening crawl is one of the most memorable moments in the Star Wars films. While I understand why they cut it out, I certainly noticed its absence.

This t shirt, with the famous Jedi farewell and the Rebel Alliance starbird symbol printed over a field of stars, definitely evokes the classic opening crawl. You can find this Star Wars Text Tee for Men and in men’s plus sizes at Watch out for Imperial troops when you’re wearing it, though.

6. Jack Skellington Long Sleeve Tee for Adults

Jack Skellington Long Sleeve Tee for Adults

What’s this? While The Nightmare Before Christmas is a popular film in its own right, Jack Skellington is the star of the show. In this shirt, a host of images from the movie is arranged to look like Jack Skellington’s face. Though this t shirt is perfect for Tim Burton fans and people with a slight goth bent, it would also be amazing paired with a Santa hat and a plate of cookies. If you like, you can wrap yourself in the shirt’s soft jersey-knit cotton and plot your own takeover of Christmastown.

You can find this Jack Skellington Long Sleeve T for Adults at

5. Chip ‘n’ Dale ”Tsum Tsum” Fashion Tee for Juniors

Chip'n Dale''Tsum Tsum'' Fashion Tee for Juniors

Look out, here come Chip and Dale! The Rescue Rangers stars are back in tsum tsum form. These little guys are off-the-charts cute. With its clean lines and three-quarter length sleeves, this t shirt is a little bit grown-up but still fun. Whether you’re a fan of the intrepid chipmunk duo or you just love adorable, this shirt could be a great fit. 

While I wish this one came in adult sizes, it’s only available in junior’s sizes at

4. Finding Dory Tee for Boys

Finding Dory Tee for Boys

Hank is a grouchy septopus who is also truly a Marine Life Institute success story. Here he is with Dory and Nemo in tow, though he doesn’t look exactly thrilled with it. Now everybody can show the same love for the Marine Life Institute as well with this t shirt, available in boys’ sizes from

3. Stitch Tropical Tee for Boys

Stitch Tropical Tee for Boys



This colorful t shirt has an all-over tropical print with everybody’s favorite alien genetic experiment, Stitch. While this shirt doesn’t feature the imminent destruction of any cities, it does depict Stitch drinking fruity drinks and playing the ukulele. As an added bonus, it’s so bright that if someone in your ‘ohana is wearing it, they will be impossible to miss in a crowd.

This shirt is available in boys’ sizes from

2. Han Solo and Princess Leia Tees for Adults

Han Solo Tee for Adults and Princess Leia Tee for Adults

This pair of t-shirts is amazing, isn’t it? It’s the only two of Disney t shirts that can be worn as a set with your significant other. Moreover, these shirts are perfect for engagement parties, date nights, and emotional farewells after being captured by Stormtroopers. How romantic! Whether you’re a Han or a Leia, both the Han Solo and Princess Leia t shirts are available from in adult sizes.

1. Classic Mickey Mouse Heathered Tee

Mickey Mouse Classic Heathered Tee

Mickey Mouse is the most iconic Disney character, so he deserves to be in our top spot and on one of Disney’s best-selling t-shirts. While every other shirt on this list is cool, this one is truly classic. Screen printed in black, red, and yellow onto soft cotton, this vintage Mickey Mouse design is sure to evoke happy memories.  

This t shirt is perfect for just about anyone. Really. Fortunately, it’s available in men’s regular sizes, men’s plus sizes, women’s sizes, women’s plus sizes, girls’ sizes, and boys’ sizes. So, if you want to wear the most awesome Disney t shirt on our list, you probably can.