The Crystal Palace Review

The Crystal Palace is just one of the many dining options available at the Walt Disney World Resort complex located in Magic Kingdom Park on Main Street U.S.A. Much to my surprise, those directions will work on Google Maps, but it is more effective and easier to tell you that it is on Main Street inside The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Inside the park, The Crystal Palace can be found near the Swiss Family Treehouse and the Jungle Cruise – right on the edge of Adventureland. It is a beautiful building that was inspired by London’s Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851. You can almost image A.A. Milne working in a Greenhouse that looks like this lovely restaurant. While most people do not come to Disney World for the beauty of the restaurants, this one is a welcome surprise.

What is unique about The Crystal Palace?Disney World Crystal Palace

What makes this restaurant different from others you can find at Disney World are the characters, the beauty of the restaurant, and the amazing food. Where else can you have dinner with Eeyore, breakfast with Piglet and Pooh, and lunch with Tigger?

Although the characters appear during your meal, they aren’t the servers. Can you imagine? Poor Eeyore would never get any tips. Tigger would spill your food everywhere.  Even Pooh would be stealing all of the honey (and Disney World frowns upon theft). However the characters are available to take pictures, give autographs, and help to remind you of a simpler time when your concerns in life were whether Pooh had enough honey and if Eeyore would ever find his tail.

The Crystal Palace serves breakfast (8:00 am- 10:45 am), lunch (11:30 am – 2:45 pm) and dinner (3:15 pm – 9:00 pm). Prepared and cooked in the on-stage kitchen, the selections includes some of America’s favorites. Some of the items that they offer include fresh fruit, pancakes and waffles, pastries, chicken, pasta, a variety of baked breads, shrimp, seasonal fish, and soup. For dessert, they have bread pudding, key lime pie, soft-serve ice cream and coconut flan. These menu items are subject to change obviously. Reservations are highly recommended to ensure your dinner and entertainment experience, although they are not required.

How expensive is the food The Crystal Place?

You may find the Crystal Palace is a rather expensive place to eat.  Depending on your budget, this may not be an option for your family.  But, you will find this to be a unique experience at one of the best all around restaurants in Disney World.  It is not very often that you can dine with the characters from the Hundred-Acre Woods.  Additionally the quality and variety of the food will hold its own even with the pickiest of eaters.  So while you may find it a bit expensive, you are paying for the experience as well as the food.  Most of the Crystal Palace reviews say it is well worth it. The prices at The Crystal Palace range from $15 to $34.99 for a child to $35 to $59.99 per adult.  You must also have park admission since the Crystal Palace is inside the Magic Kingdom.

These prices do not include alcohol. (I didn’t know that Disney World even allowed alcoholic beverages – remember when they opened Disney World in Paris, and their policy of no alcohol caused so many problems?) The times are changing friends. Apparently, the times have changed so much that Disney World now has Dining Plans – four in fact. The Crystal Place accepts two of these dining plans – the Disney Dining Plan and the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan.

The Crystal Palaces

 The Crystal Place Review

We found reviews of The Crystal Palace from those on are mainly excellent.  You will see most of the reviewers rating the restaurant and experience as excellent or very good.  Additionally, most of the people found the food to be quite delicious.  Additionally you will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of choices available. Some people didn’t have a remarkable experience with the characters. Even the magic of Disney can not be perfect all the time.  However, based on the characters, the delicious food, and the many happy customers, The Crystal Palace would be a place I would visit the next time I am at Disney World.