Ohana – Disney Character Dining

Ohana is one of my very favorite Disney character dining experiences, and trust me when I say this is not a title I take lightly. I love everything about Walt Disney World and the magic only it can create. But for me, character dining experiences are the best of the best; the most magical of all magical experiences. There is just something so special about having the one-on-one interaction with classic Disney characters in a relaxed, enjoyable setting.

Where is Ohana?

Ohaha has found the perfect home at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Both draw on traditional Polynesian/Hawaiian culture and creating a fun and authentic environment. I have always considered the Polynesian resort as the most beautiful of all Disney resorts. Ohana mimics the charm and natural beauty of the Polynesian resort throughout.

CharactersOhana Characters

Ohana takes character dining to another level. Fans of Lilo and Stitch will be thrilled with the opportunity to get some face time with their favorite characters. Mickey and Pluto are also known to make appearances most days. Those looking for an experience beyond character meet and greets will appreciated the full immersion of Polynesian culture. Much of the breakfast offerings are inspired by authentic Polynesian flavors. Ohana really is an experience that has something for everyone.

My one critique of this experience would maybe be with the recent success of Moana, perhaps Disney might think of updating this experience to incorporate some newer characters into the mix as well.

Ohana is one of the only dining experiences that offer completely different experiences depending on the meal you choose: breakfast or dinner. While breakfast at Ohana is a character dining experience, dinner is not. Fear not. Dinner at Ohana is just as much an event, and every bit as magical as breakfast. Trust me.

I just professed my love for character dining, and this experience holds up. Here’s how. Dinner at Ohana is a full on, interactive Polynesian experience. Don’t expect to sit back and watch the show. Staff members engage diners in Polynesian games, dancing, hula hooping and even traditional story-telling is encouraged throughout the meal.

Enjoy the Experience

The “experience” of character or specialty dining can easily, and often does, outshine the food itself. This is not the case with Ohana. Though the experience portion of dining at Ohana does play a major role, the food does not take a backseat.

Breakfast features family favorites like eggs, bacon, pancakes and waffles, alongside Hawaiian inspired sausage and potatoes. Dinner is a full-on Hawaiian family dinner with stir-fry’s, seafood and lo mein served among palm trees and tiki light.

I’m singing Ohana’s praises pretty hard right now, but believe me when I say I am not exaggerating. And I’m certainly not the only one who feels strongly about Ohana.  You are able to make reservations to Ohana, as with most Disney dining experiences exactly 180 days in advance. I strongly recommend you make your reservations as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Speaking of time, if I might make a suggestion. If you are planning on visiting Ohana for dinner, why not make it later seating? Ohana, located inside Disney’s Polynesian Resort, is a stone’s throw from the Magic Kingdom. If possible, ask to be seated at a table along the window, which will provide breathtaking views of the nightly Magic Kingdom firework displays.

disney world ohana photo

Photo by Richo.Fan


Whether you chose breakfast or dinner, all guests at Ohana will have the opportunity to take home a memento of their experience thanks to Disney Photographers on hand throughout the meal. Guests who have purchased the Disney PhotoPass, will automatically have access to all photos taken of their group at the meal. Those without the PhotoPass will also have an opportunity to purchase photos taken throughout the experience. Sidenote, in my experience purchasing the PhotoPass has always been beneficial not only because I get so many more pictures I would have otherwise. But also, and most importantly, I end up with photos of the entire group, without missing one member (usually me) who is the unofficial trip photographer.

Overall, Ohana is an experience the entire family will enjoy, whether it be breakfast or dinner.

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