While planning a trip to Disney World, people want to get the most for their money and experience as much Disney magic as possible. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort strikes a nice balance between the two. This resort pulls guests into a vibrant world full of popular movies. Of course, Disney specializes in fun family vacations. In that respect, this resort does not disappoint.

Many Disney guests want a vacation filled with great memories for the whole family. This resort is geared towards families. There are plenty of resort activities that give families fun things to do.

Experience the Art of AnimationPhoto from Flickr user justzanna

Disney’s Art of Animation resort encourages guests to immerse themselves in the colorful, cartoon world. In fact, many of the attractions at this resort are designed around very popular Disney and Pixar films.

The biggest attraction at this hotel is the pool. Literally, it is the largest pool at any Walt Disney World resort. Inspired by Finding Nemo, it is also a Technicolor wonderland. There are two additional pools for guests to enjoy. One is inspired by the Underwater Orchestra from The Little Mermaid. The other pool is modelled after the Cozy Cone Motel from Cars. Above all, these pools create a truly immersive animation experience.

In addition to the pools, this resort offers a variety of themed suites. Most families want to stay somewhere spacious and comfortable when they travel. Disney’s Art of Animation resort offers a number of solutions. The resort has a variety of rooms and suites. Each suite has a theme from a popular Disney or Pixar movie. The decor outside each themed suite matches the theme of the suite inside, too. So, upon checking into a The Lion King-themed suite, guests walk through famous scenes from the movie.

Disney's Art of Animation Resort Room

Amenities at The Art of Animation Resort

This resort is not as plush as some of Disney’s other offerings. Still, it offers a full range of amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The dining options include:

  • in-room pizza
  • The “Landscape of Flavors” food court, which showcases a wide variety of internationally-inspired cuisines
  • “The Drop Off”, a poolside bar which serves cocktails, draft beer, and snacks

So there really is something for everyone!

Since the resort is near Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, it is perfect for people who want to experience Disney magic. It is easy for guests to explore all of Walt Disney World’s parks. There are several options available to guest here to make getting around a little easier. First, this resort offers a courtesy bus service to most parts of Walt Disney World. This resort also offers complimentary transit and luggage transport between Orlando International Airport via Disney’s Magic Express. Finally, free standard parking is included so that guests can get around as easily as possible.

Photo from Flickr user JaredThis resort also offers Disney’s In-Room Celebrations. These are activities that come in several themes, ranging from birthday parties with Mickey to Star Wars adventures. This is a great way to add a bit more magic to a Disney vacation.

Great Entertainment Options

Some days, resort guests may not have a visit to a Disney park on their schedule. For those days, this resort has recreation options that don’t even require leaving the resort.

Some guests may miss playing their favorite video games on vacation. Fortunately, this resort houses the Pixel Play arcade in the Animation Hall. Disney hosts over 1,500 family-friendly video games. These games range from classic arcade games to new titles and are appropriate for all ages.

For exercise fans, there are a few options available at this resort. First of all is the jogging trail around the resort. This trail takes runners through colorful movie-themed displays. Also, this resort hosts both bicycle rentals and Surrey bike rentals. Guests can take these bikes on a spin on the paths around the resort.

Walt Disney World resorts offer another perk for all resort patrons: complimentary open-air movie screenings. Movie schedules vary, but they are available from the front desk at the resort.

In short, Disney’s Art of Animation resort is a great place to stage a Disney vacation. It has ample facilities for relaxation and fun. It is definitely worth checking out!