Lost in the House of Mouse: Disney World Lost and Found

You’re on your vacation at the happiest place on earth. And, through the excitement of touring the parks, riding attractions, and meeting characters, it happens. You lose something. From sunglasses and hats to phones and toys, Disney World is a place where items get lost everyday. But, what do you do? How do you recover items you’ve lost? We’ll take a look at what happens to lost items at the theme parks and resorts. And, we’ll cover how to find your items at Disney World lost and found the day you lose them or later on during your vacation.

Where Can You Find Lost and Found?

If you lose an item at Disney, where can you go to find it? Disney World has several lost and found locations. The first is Guest Relations at each individual theme park. Disney also has an official Theme Parks Lost & Found building for lost items from the Disney theme parks. This can be found at the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) near the Magic Kingdom. The Theme Park Lost & Found building operates daily until 7 p.m. It’s the hub for all lost items found at the theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, and Disney transportation.

For those guests staying at Disney resorts, you’ll want to check with the Guest Relations at your specific resort, as all lost items are kept there in a centralized location. Guests who visit ESPN Wide World of Sports will want to contact Guest Relations at the sports complex for any lost items.

Now that we know a bit about where you can find lost and found locations on Disney property, let’s take a look at how to find an item in the parks and at the resorts in detail.

Disney World Lost and Found

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In the Parks: Lost and Found in the Disney Parks

Lost items at the Disney theme parks are pretty common. Guests misplace items at restaurants, shops, and just about anywhere you can go. It’s also very common for guests to drop or lose items on attractions. Remember those sunglasses? Be sure to put them in your purse or stow them someplace safe because they are one of the most lost items on Disney attractions. But, if you do happen to lose any personal belonging at a Disney Park, don’t worry. There are a few steps that you can take to recover your lost items.

  1. Timing: One of the most important factors in finding and retrieving lost items is timing. As soon as you know that you’ve lost an item, it’s important to find the nearest Guest Relations in the theme park that you’re in. Items lost in a Disney Park are taken to Guest Relations and are kept there until the end of the day. After that, they are taken to the official Theme Parks Lost & Found building. So, timing really is of the essence. The best rule of thumb is: If you lose an item and realize it on the same day, go to Guest Relations in the theme park (or back to where you think you left the item). If you lose an item and it’s been more than 24 hours, go to the Theme Park Lost & Found at the TTC to try to recover it.
  2. Fill Out Paperwork: It can be frustrating to not find your lost items right away. But, be sure to fill out any necessary paperwork provided by Disney. Filling out a report and including contact information can be a good way to recover your lost items. In fact, you’d be surprised at how some items can be recovered even after you’ve returned home from vacation — just by filling out paperwork. Though, it can’t guarantee that you’ll get your items back, it can’t hurt either.

At the Resort: Lost and Found at the Disney Resorts

Probably one of the most common places where items are lost or left behind are Disney resort rooms. It’s pretty easy to do when you’re rushing off to catch a flight home or need to head out early to avoid traffic. Disney Housekeeping staff often find lots of items left behind in resort rooms. If you realize you’ve left something in your room, do contact the resort directly. You can do this by calling their main resort line and speaking with guest services. In some cases, you may need to complete a report over the phone. And, it may take a few days to recover your items, but it’s worth the effort. We’ve actually left items in our resort rooms and had to recover them through Guest Relations. So, we have some first-hand experience with this and have successfully recovered items, even after we’ve gone home.

For those guests who are still on Disney property and lost an item, you may be able to go to Guest Relations in person to ask about lost items. Or, you might even be able to have your item delivered to another resort. We’ve lost items at one resort during a meal and were able to have the items delivered to the resort where we were staying to help avoid extra trips to and from.

What Do You Do if You Find a Lost Item?

Now that we know a bit more about how to retrieve lost items, let’s take a look at what you should do if you find an item you think was left behind. If you discover something that has been left someplace, like a wallet or toy, you can let a cast member know at any time. Cast members at all Disney World locations are trained to deal with lost and found items. They will make sure that they get to Guest Relations at each Disney Park. You can also go to Guest Relations directly to drop off items at any park, resort, or location on Disney property.

How Long Does Disney Keep Lost and Found Items?

Disney tries its best to make sure that items get returned to their owners. But, sometimes, it’s just not possible. To make sure that they don’t keep items forever, Disney does have a policy about lost and found items. If valuable items are returned (like credit cards, IDs, and electronic equipment), Disney will hold onto these items for 90 days. Items of less value (like toys and clothing) are discarded after 30 days. So, even if you don’t realize you’ve lost something right away, you do have some time before your items are discarded.

Lost Items Found: Disney World Lost and Found

Overall, Disney World does the best job that they can to help make sure lost items are recovered by guests every single day. If you lose something at Disney, don’t despair. There’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be able to recover the items with just a few simple tips and strategies that we’ve covered here.

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