Disney World Parking Guide and Tips

You can get to and from the happiest place on earth in many different ways. But, one of the most common ways to get to Disney is by car. Millions of guests travel by car to the Walt Disney World Resort each year. And, because of this, Disney has an impressive variety of parking options. We’ll take a look at Disney World parking, including the types of parking options, parking costs, and special considerations for parking in the theme parks, resorts, and other areas of Walt Disney World. We’ll also share some helpful tips to make your parking experiences at Disney a little bit easier and definitely more magical.

Make It or Brake It: Why Drive at Disney World?

If you’re planning a Walt Disney World vacation, you might be asking yourself why you’d want to drive. Disney World is pretty a pretty large resort, so driving a vehicle helps manage going back and forth between your resort and the theme parks. This means no fussing with potential delays that often happen when you take Disney complimentary transportation, like buses, ferries, and monorails. Of course, driving to the Disney Parks and Resorts is a bit easier if you’re a local Florida resident. But, even if you live further away, driving can be a great solution for Disney guests who want some flexibility getting to and from the Disney Parks or who might be spending time outside of Disney World. It’s also a good option, if you’re staying off property. Many guests choose to rent vehicles upon arriving at the airport and others decide to drive from their home destination. But, no matter what your reason or where you get your vehicle, driving to the parks and resorts can be the perfect way to navigate the Disney Parks and Resorts.

Types of Disney World Parking

Disney offers several different ways to park at the theme parks and resorts. Here’s a bit more about each of these options:

Disney Buses / Parking Lot - Disney World Parking

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General Theme Park Parking

Disney World offers general theme park parking for guests. Standard parking at the Disney theme parks is currently $20 per day (subject to change) per car or motorcycle. Though this may seem a bit pricey, the good news is that guests parking at a theme park only have to pay one parking fee if they decide to park hop that day. General theme park parking is pretty big, so unless a park reaches capacity, you won’t have any problem getting a parking spot.

Preferred Theme Park Parking

General parking in the theme parks can mean a tram ride or a lengthy walk to your vehicle. If you would rather have a guaranteed closer parking spot, Disney offers preferred parking. Preferred parking is $40 per day (subject to change) per car or motorcycle. Like general parking, you only need to pay for preferred parking once per day, even if you park hop.

Valet Parking

Offered at Disney World resorts and Disney Springs, valet parking is $25 per day per vehicle (subject to change) at Disney Resorts and $20 per day per vehicle (subject to change) at Disney Springs. Both fees do not include gratuity. If you have a Tables in Wonderland membership, valet is included free with your membership fee at both locations.

Disability Parking

For those guests with a valid disability parking permit, disability parking is available in all Disney theme parks and resorts. For those parking at Disney theme parks, the charge for disability parking is the same as general parking. Cast members will guide you to the disability parking area. For those parking at Disney Springs or Disney Resorts, disability parking is free and easily accessible.

Free Parking

Disney offers free parking for Disney Springs, the Disney Water Parks, and Disney Resorts (subject to change).

Bus/Camper/RV Parking

If you and your family are traveling to Disney in a bus, camper, or RV, parking is available at the Disney theme parks and resorts. Camper and RV parking at Disney theme parks is $22 per day (subject to change) per vehicle.

Electric Cars

If you have an electric vehicle, there are three locations at Disney World with electric car charging stations. These include Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs. If you are interested in using these charging stations, be sure to ask a cast member for assistance. The charging stations do have an additional cost, which you can easily pay with a credit card.

Parking in the Disney Theme Parks

If you are taking advantage of Disney World parking, chances are you’ll be parking in one of the Disney theme park lots. Parking in the theme parks does include a charge per vehicle per day, based on the type of parking you want: general, preferred, bus/camper/RV, or disability. Each of these parks have themed parking lots. For example, the Magic Kingdom has two lot areas: Heroes and Villains. If you park in the Villains parking lot, your car might be located in rows named after Disney villains like Scar and Zurg.

Parking Sign from Animal Kingdom - Disney World Parking

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Parking the Water Parks

If you plan on visiting the Disney water parks, parking is complimentary. You’ll find parking at the water parks to be easy, with ample parking spaces and space for buses, campers, RVs, and disability parking spaces.

Parking in Resorts

Like the water parks, parking at Disney Resorts is currently complimentary for resort guests or for those guests with Disney dining reservations. Parking spaces are available for general, disability, and bus/camper/RV parking. If you are interested in valet parking, you will find this available at many (but not all) Disney resorts at an additional fee.

Parking in Disney Springs

Disney Springs parking is complimentary for all guests. Parking is available in several parking lots and parking garages, with plenty of parking for general, disability, and bus/camper/RV parking. If you are interested in valet parking, you will find this available at for an additional fee for guests. One important word of caution. Disney Springs allows parking until 3 a.m. If your vehicle is in the Disney Springs parking garages or lots, your vehicle may be subject to towing.

Parking Made Perfect: Tips for Disney World Parking

Parking at Disney World is pretty convenient and easy to use. But, here are a few tips to help make your parking experiences even easier.

  • Take a photo of your parking spot or write down the parking aisle name and number. Disney parking lots are large, and it can be easy to get lost or forget where you parked.
  • Write down or make a note in your phone what time you parked. Believe it or not, Disney World has a pretty impressive system for parking guests. In fact, if you forget where you parked, but can remember the time of day when you arrived, chances are a Cast Member can tell you almost exactly what row you parked in based on the time of day. Talk about Disney magic!
  • Walking from your parking spot to the theme park can be faster sometimes than taking Disney transportation. Depending on where you parked, walking to the theme park can save a lot of time waiting for a tram.
  • Park openings and closings may experience increase traffic and travel times to and from the park. If you are planning on leaving the park at closing or arriving at opening, you may experience some delays because these are the most popular times to arrive and depart.

Looking for more information about Disney parking? Check out the Official Walt Disney World page on Parking.

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