What To Wear At Disney World And What Not

Wearing the right things when you visit Disney can make or break your experience. I’ve had some downright awful moments in the parks when I’ve worn something too hot or not warm enough. When you go to Disney, it’s definitely important to think about what to wear. From footwear to clothing, here are some of my best tips for what to wear at Disney World and what not to.


Whenever I think about what to wear at Disney, I think shoes. You walk a lot at Disney. So, having footwear will make a big difference. For footwear, comfort is key. Pick out a great pair of sneakers. Make sure they are comfortable before you go. You’ll want to avoid those unwanted blisters or sore arches. I always have at least one pair of sneakers on hand. I do try to pack 2 pairs if I can. Just in case.

Do avoid tight fitting shoes, dress shoes, and high heels. Generally, you want to avoid anything that isn’t built for long periods of walking and standing. Sandals are debatable, in my opinion. Don’t wear flip-flops in the park. They may seem comfy at first, but they are anything but. I do wear sandals in the park on occasion. But, I make sure they are sandals made for walking. This can include brands like Teva or Birkenstocks. Basically, you want to make sure your feet are supported for a long day on your feet and walking.

Some guests love wearing Crocs. While I own a pair myself and love them, they may not be as supportive as you think. I’ve had some pretty bad foot pain from walking in Crocs all day. Keep in mind function and style while you’re park touring.

Still not sure what kind of footwear to wear or avoid? Check out our Best Shoes for Disney World buyers guide. Don’t forget to break your new shoes in before you wear them on vacation too!

Haunted Mansion shoes are what to wear at Disney World

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Deciding what to wear at Disney World and what not to, can be tough with clothing. Everyone is different. Personal style and tastes vary. Kiddos have different needs than adults. Here are some of my do’s and don’ts for clothing at Disney.

Clothing Do’s

The biggest recommendation I can give is to choose clothes based on the weather and your touring style. Weather can be hot and humid or cold and rainy in Florida. Dressing in layers can be helpful to avoid extreme temperatures or sudden changes. For most seasons, shorts or capris are safe bets. But, do pack a pair or two of jeans, just in case. You’d be surprised how cool it can be inside buildings even during the summer. Air conditioning in Florida can be pretty strong year-round.

I also like to wear cardigans, over-shirts, or sweatshirts that can be easily removed. Sometimes it can be chilly in the morning or evening, but warm during the day. Cotton or breathable fabric for clothes is a smart choice too. Some fabrics can feel pretty uncomfortable on a hot day. You’ll also want to look for clothes that are lighter in color. I know from personal experience that dark colors, like black or navy, can make a hot Florida day feel even hotter.

Kids in front of Cinderella Castle for what to wear at disney worldGenerally, Disney is pretty casual. Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are a common sight. My favorite thing to wear at Disney? Disney-inspired t-shirts! There’s just something fun about wearing a Disney shirt at Disney. Plus, they are super comfy and casual. Need some t-shirt inspiration?  Our 10 Awesome Disney T-Shirts for your Trip buying guide has some great ideas to get you started. These are great for both kids and adults.

Don’t forget to bring some dressier clothes too, if you have signature dining reservations or special occasions planned. My go-to? A nice dress in a breathable fabric with supportive sandals or ballet flats. For guys, pack a nice pair of khakis or slacks and a button down shirt or polo. All are super simple and easy to pack too.

Clothing Don’ts

Some clothing don’ts? Dress clothes. Unless you are going to Victoria & Albert’s avoid the suit, tuxedo, or cocktail dress. Anything dressy, tight fitting, or that could be uncomfortable in some conditions should definitely be off the packing list. You’ll also want to avoid clothing with offensive or inappropriate language on it. Disney does carry a policy on this. If you have any questions, you’ll want to check it out before you pack your clothes. Do also avoid wearing bathing suits unless you’re at the pool. This is generally not acceptable for park touring or table service restaurant. In general, choose clothes that are comfortable and good for the current Orlando weather.

Looking for official word from Disney on attire? Check out their website for more info. They include info about inappropriate attire and dress for special occasions. This can include Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and other special events.

Other Considerations

Besides footwear and clothing, there are some other wearable things to consider. Here are some basic do’s and don’ts.

  • Jewelry: This can be tricky. Do wear minimal jewelry in the parks. Some jewelry can be uncomfortable in warm weather or during a long day in the park.
  • Hats: Generally, hats can be a great thing to wear in the parks. They are great for avoiding direct sunlight and sunburns. They can also head keep hair out of your face too.
  • Sunscreen: A must-do. Even on a cloudy day, you can get a sunburn. Protect your skin with a good sunscreen.
  • Makeup: I personally avoid wearing much makeup in the park. If you do prefer to wear makeup, look for those that are waterproof or sweat-resistant.
  • Disney Gear: Definitely a must-do. Wear those Mickey Ears, hats, t-shirts, bags, and other Disney swag with abandon!
Glow with the Show Mouse Ears is definitely what to wear at disney world

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The Ultimate Thing to Wear at Disney…A Smile!

A smile can say it all. It can brighten any day. Do make sure to bring your smile when you’re at Disney. It’s my favorite thing to recommend for what to wear to Disney World and what not to. And, it’s not too hard to do too. You’re at Disney World where smiling is contagious!